Recruitment reinvented

Skilled team of user experience gurus and industry experts leveraging artificial intelligence and end to end pre-screening software solutions.

StudyProtocol Easy


Complete suite of tools for planning, launching and managing a recruitment campaign, making the whole process easy and headache free.

StudyProtocol Easy


From lead to enrolled, our platform tracks every step, and is designed to learn how to improve its accuracy based on direct and indirect feedback.

StudyProtocol Easy


Using artificial intelligence we are able to refine the audience to the needs of any study protocol, generating high quality leads.

A.I. working 24/7

Using input from different sources, our platform is constantly evolving and improving every single campaign.

  • Goal oriented
  • Advanced tracking
  • Feedback gathering
  • Audience refinement
  • Site engagement
  • Performance monitoring
  • Audience refinement
  • Site engagement
  • Performance monitoring

Target audience refinement

Our platform is designed to deliver smarter and more precise audience targeting, which ultimately improves conversion and leads to a boost in enrollment. This dynamic refinement of audiences is accomplished through planning, tracking, site engagement and artificial intelligence.

Custom campaign designs

Our team quickly designs and implements personalized graphics, content and funnels for your recruitment campaigns.

Targeted audiences

Using inclusion/exclusion criteria along with other social behavior and geographical factors, we identify an initial high affinity audience.

Fast development and deploy

Once design, content and audience are all in place, our team can rapidly deploy, monitor and adjust recruitment campaigns as needed.

Creativity with the right tools

Our creative team is dedicated to making your content unique and interesting. Our proprietary Campaigns Manager application allows our team to quickly create and launch custom landing pages which include relevant content, eye catching graphics and optimized funnels. Campaigns Manager among other things, allows us to run A/B testing to fine tune the creative and maximize engagement.

  • Personalized content and designs
  • Quick theme selection
  • Distributed budget A/B testing
  • Easy review and approval process
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Embedded tracking
  • Cross platform integration

Powerful recruitment workflow application

Traditional pre-screening logs are ok, but there is a more efficient and rewarding way of logging pre-screening activity. By engaging research site through our recruitment management application, we can log useful pre-screening activities while at the same time refining the audience based on the feedback and activity logged by sites. The recruitment application is directly tied to our Campaigns Manager and A.I. engine. Leads that complete the Landing Page funnel are automatically added to the recruitment management application for follow-up. A.I. engine is updated as leads go through the pre-screening workflow.

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Analytics & Reports

As a sponsor or research site, you have direct visibility into the recruitment efforts and performance of the team. Our application is designed to report in real-time, eliminating any delays and empowering you to make the right designings based on facts and not guess.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Site monitoring
  • Team performance
  • Pre-screening logs
  • Analytics driver decisions

Experienced Team

Whether you are a research site, sponsor, CRO or just interested in clinical research, you can rest assured that when you use, a whole team of experts is constantly working to make your experience smooth and rewarding. Given our background in the software development industry, we bring a different perspective and angle to the clinical research field. Our culture and values along with our cohesive in-house team allow us to deliver reliable solutions in an agile manner; always working, always improving, always moving forward.

Pre-Screening Services

Obtaining highly interested and qualified leads for clinical trials is a complex task, but it is not the only or final step in an effective recruitment campaign. The engagement, effort and communications needed to convert leads into enrolled patients is a critical part of a successful campaign. Besides empowering sites to communicate faster and better with prospects, we also offers an in-house pre-screening suite, comprised of GCP certified industry experts who are highly trained in the recruitment process.