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The 360ยบ Approach

Improve the efficiency of drug development by combining six key processes in a centralized platform. Modern solutions for more fluid communications and interactions between currently fragmented industry processes.

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Protocol Digitalization

From unengaged PDF to an easy to use, easy to follow digital manual. Protocol digitalization allows us to convert unanimated data into useful tools. Turning scheduling, reimbursement, invoicing and more into built in features.

  • Improve protocol adherence
  • Built-in visit calculator, scheduler and reminder
  • Amendment and re-consent management
  • Site finance and invoicing tools
  • Subject compensation/li>
  • Subject Diary capabilities

Subject Scheduling

Protocol digitalization provides added value to the sites by introducing a simple scheduling tool for subject visits which is built-in accordance to the protocol visit windows. This allows the sites and sponsors to visualize the subject visits pipeline and plan accordingly.

  • Schedule visits directly from the digital protocol.
  • Ensure visits are scheduled within the appropriate tolerance window.
  • Automatic reminders.
  • Visualize workload across all sites.

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Subject Payments

Built-in subject reimbursement module that is flexible and affordable. Subjects can receive the money directly in their bank account or in a dispensed debit card.

  • Simple subject payment integration in each visit
  • ACH deposit or debit card flexibility
  • Centralized log for subject payments

Invoicing & Billing

By digitalizing the protocol budget negotiations become easier and more effective. In addition, this sets the foundation for site adoption, as it provides a valuable tool for easy invoicing and payment tracking, both at the sponsor and site level.

  • Pre-configured invoicing triggers.
  • Automatically generate invoices and track payment status.
  • Driven by visits completion and not manual action.
  • Prevent billing errors.
  • Standardized invoicing and payment expectations.

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