Building the future of Clinical Trials.

Offering a complete suite of tools for planning, launching and managing recruitment campaigns.

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Unified platform for lead generation, pre-screening, and site engagement. is a cloud base collection of micro-services and software solutions, each designed to enhance a particular aspect of recruitment. Together they work to manage the entire lifecycle of clinical research recruitment.

Accurate Audience Targeting

Plan your recruitment right, starting with the right audience to target for your enrollment goals.

Speedy Campaign Creation

Content carefully crafted for the right audience, designed and tested for relevance by experts.

Active Recruitment Workflow

Site empowering tools designed to capture and process feedback directly from pre-screening activities.

Constantly learning and adjusting, powered by A.I

By linking all of our separate solutions, we created a network of actionable information that is leveraged by a central artificial intelligence engine to self adjust, predict, and achieve high efficiency over time. Simply set your goals and let the A.I do its job, while you monitor the process.

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Easy on-boarding, fast adoption. is designed, developed and maintained by a team of talented software engineers, user experience experts, and customer support professionals. All design and development is done in house and never outsourced giving out platform a unique, competitive advantage. With user-experience being one of our main priorities, you can expect easy platform on-boarding and adoption from both sites and sponsors.

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